AIM for Christ History

AIM for Christ History is HIS Story!

The humble beginnings of AIM for Christ started back in 2003 in California. The vision came to Mike Collier during his time in pastoral school at Calvary Chapel Golden Springs. Mike had a burden to reach and minister to Native Americans but didn’t know where and when to start. As he kept things in prayer the Lord began to open doors in Arizona. Arizona is home to 22 different Native tribes that collectively take up about 1/4 the land mass of the entire state of Arizona. Mike began to scout the state and the Lord confirmed the first reservation to start a work in would be in San Carlos Apache Reservation. To Mike’s surprise, after scouting San Carlos his grandmother revealed to him that he was actualy part San Carlos Apache.

While still living in California Mike was asked by a tribal council member of San Carlos Apache Tribe to visit the San Carlos  students at Sherman Indian High School in Riverside, CA. This began a youth group at the Sherman Indian Boarding School in Riverside, California.  This school hosted kids from all the various tribes across the country. The youth group originally began with kids from San Carlos but later grew to span kids representing several different Native tribes.

During this time, Mike and a team of missionaries would head to San Carlos Reservation in Arizona from California every few months to do various children’s outreaches, street witnessing, bible studies, and gospel movie nights. As the Lord continued to open doors and opportunities it still wasn’t clear when and how the Lord would move Mike and his family out to the state of Arizona, until one day in 2004. While at work for a large mortgage company Mike and his department team were notified that their company had just purchased land in Arizona and the Directors and VP’s wanted his team to transfer to Arizona with all moving expenses paid! The Lord opened the the door and Mike was able to team up with Calvary Chapel of Chandler where he was eventually ordained. 

From this time on AIM for Christ started to partner with several Christian churches and organizations in the Phoenix Valley, and later with churches in surrounding states to regularly host mission outreaches and expanding their reach within San Carlos and started to scout and begin outreaching in other surrounding reservations as well. 

The history of AIM for Christ is really HIS story! And His story continues on until this very day as newer doors and newer opportunities are continuing to open as we move forward in this venture of faith and as we seek His will in spreading the love and gospel of Christ to the tribal nations. May our Lord Yeshua receive all the glory!