Upcoming Outreaches 2016


Prayer Request: Please pray for upcoming outreaches. Pray for salvation. Pray for God’s provision for gas, food for the King’s Table, supplies, and for servants with servant’s hearts for these upcoming events

San Carlos B2S Outreach 2016


Prayer Request: Please pray for teens that accepted Christ and Sonny who we met while passing out flyers. Pray for the Brownings who lost 6 year old Ishmael 2 days later. 

Christmas Outreach with CC Las Cruces


Prayer Request: Please pray for teens that accepted Christ. Pray that they get plugged in and stay on track. Praise God for a great turn out and for the gospel getting out. 

August 8, 2015 – Camp Gideon B2S Outreach


Prayer Request: Please pray for Tammy whom we met as we passed out flyers. She is struggling with alcohol and currently doesn’t have a place to live. Pray for the youth that received the Lord during the outreach. Pray for all those that attended and had seeds planted. Pray for the laborers that they will continue to strongly serve the Lord.

August 1, 2015 – Week before Camp Gideon

August 1, 2015 – Week before Camp Gideon

Prayer Request: Pray for Darwin and his wife’s heart to respond to the gospel. They asked for us to come to their house for Bible studies. Pray against the spirits that are binding people in San Carlos. There is major spiritual warfare.

June 13, 2015 – Worship & Gospel Outreach

June 13, 2015 – Worship & Gospel Outreach

Prayer Request: Please pray for Norma from Shelter Care. Her 1 year old niece has crying uncontrollably and family members do not know what is wrong with her. 

“Fishers of Men” Workshop – Pt 2

“Fishers of Men” Evangelism Workshop – Part 2

Prayer Requests: Pray for laborers for the harvest, pray for Freedom Holiness to keep their fire strong for the Lord, pray for the Spirit’s leading on outreach planning.

Fishers of Men Workshop Pt.1

May 24, 2015 – Fishers Of Men / Shelter Care

Prayer Requests: Please pray for upcoming outreaches for AIM for Christ; healing for Mary from Shelter Care (doctor told her that her heart is in bad shape) and removing her fear; April’s dad, Larry Brown (organs are shutting down)

Watering Seedlings

I love how the Lord guides each day out at the Reservation. In the morning we joined Freedom Holiness for service. It was neat how Freedom Holiness knows us for Camp Gideon (children’s outreach) and without knowing we were going to join them today the message Pastor Bonnie gave was on pouring into your children, bringing them up in the way they should go, loving them and teaching them to be loving. Pastor Bonnie said “It’s a coincidence Mike came today. No, it’s not a coincidence. God planned it.”
Great News! We will start our first Read more…

The love of the prodical son’s Father

This past Saturday was a neat trip. Autumn from JAM Session joined us. We had an outdoor church service with Dino and Daphne and read about the story Jesus told of the prodical son in Luke 15. God lead Joshua to open with Amazing Grace and 
Later as we read the story of the prodical son we can see the Lord picked the message to be shared and confirmed in the worship. Daphne was very appreciative of the visit and said they needed Read more…