Statement Of Faith

We believe that Jesus Christ is LORD of lords and King of kings over all, whether they know it or not. Jesus is God!

We believe in the trinity, God the Father, God the Son (Jesus), and God the Holy Spirit are all three persons in the form of one God.

We believe Jesus came down from His throne to the earth in the form of flesh, born of a virgin, to be a man and dwell among us.

We believe Jesus was purely righteous without sin making Him the perfect sacrifice for the sin of the world.

We believe that Jesus Christ suffered and was nailed to a cross, died for all sin, placed in a tomb, and rose again on the third day.

We believe in the Holy Spirit, the third person of the trinity, anoints, empowers and guides those who are His.

We believe that the Word of God (the Bible) is infallible, perfect, and authored by the Holy Spirit.

We believe that God is not desiring religion but a personal relationship with us.

We believe in the great commission. To go out and seek those who are lost and broken hearted and point them to Christ and disciple them, not keeping the good news just to ourselves but sharing it with the world.

What we don’t believe. (From a missions standpoint.)…
We don’t believe we can merge spiritual aspects of a particular culture, like ceremonies or traditions that call on other spirits, with Christianity when being involved in missions.

We don’t believe we are one with nature even though we are part of creation.

We don’t beleive God is inside of nature (pantheism).

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