Watering Seedlings

I love how the Lord guides each day out at the Reservation. In the morning we joined Freedom Holiness for service. It was neat how Freedom Holiness knows us for Camp Gideon (children’s outreach) and without knowing we were going to join them today the message Pastor Bonnie gave was on pouring into your children, bringing them up in the way they should go, loving them and teaching them to be loving. Pastor Bonnie said “It’s a coincidence Mike came today. No, it’s not a coincidence. God planned it.”
Great News! We will start our first Evangelism Workshop next week with Freedom Holiness. I am so excited! It will be after service. Please keep this in prayer that the Lord will bring who He wants and they would have a heart to receive and be stirred to answer the call of the Great Commission.
Afterwards we were hoping to see Steve Stevens because he asked for us to swing by to share with him when we are there. We did not see him at his house. We drove to the San Carlos market (2 miles away) to get an ice tea. As we got out of the car we see Steve walking out of the market. God is good and brought Steve across or path after we just prayed for the Lord to guide us to the next person to speak to. We had a time of encouraging Steve and praying for him. 
We drove to 7-mile district and met up with Kathryn to encourage her in the Lord and pray for her and her family. She has been joining a tent revival for the last week.
We saw a house with a nice garden in it. It is not common to see that at the Rez. We stopped and talked with Boyd who lives there and tends the garden. He is a young fire fighter and had amazing stories of his fire fighter duties. He was very proud of the gaeden they have and was happy to show it off to us. It currently was young seedlings of various vegetables. I was reminded of how God tends to us and wants to use us to do the same. He invited us back to keep checking on the garden. I told Boyd we are spiritual fire fighters and go out to share the gospel of Jesus with people. I look forward to spending more time with Boyd in the future.
We ended our time at Shleter Care. We had a church service  with Leland, Mary, Nee, and Frank. Joshua lead worship. We got into Galatians 4 and covered how we are not in bondage to religion and are free in Christ. Even as an Apaches we do not stay in bondage to cultural or religious practices or even stay identified in them, but rather be free in Christ and we are now identified in Him. Even though they may be elderly it was like fresh young seedlings receiving water.
Prayer requests: Pray for next week’s Evangelism Workshop, for Steve Stevens, Boyd, all in Shelter Care, specifically in Shelter Care pray for Mary – she has abdominal pains and she believes it’s cancer, her doctor says it’s not; also pray for Frank’s leg to be healed from pain and for his eczema, his doctor ran out of eczema cream to give him. Pray that we can get cream for Frank.