The love of the prodical son’s Father

This past Saturday was a neat trip. Autumn from JAM Session joined us. We had an outdoor church service with Dino and Daphne and read about the story Jesus told of the prodical son in Luke 15. God lead Joshua to open with Amazing Grace and 
Later as we read the story of the prodical son we can see the Lord picked the message to be shared and confirmed in the worship. Daphne was very appreciative of the visit and said they needed it.
We got to see a new kid at the Youth Home, Broderick. He’s a young energetic boy and quickly put a wall up between us and himself. He seems to have not been exposed to Sunday School before. He was very restless and didn’t know Jesus loved him. By the end of the visit he was able to pray with us and said ‘amen’ on his own. It’s a small step but a big one too. We pray seeds were planted. The wall has been broken down between us and Broderick and look forward to seeing him again. Keep him in prayer.
Prayer requests: Daphne asked for prayer for John Little. He is in the hospital with life threatening issue. I do not know the details. Also pray for Daphne and Dino, and and young Broderick from the youth home.