Did they give up on us?

God is good. This Sunday we headed out to the reservation to join Freedom Holiness for Bible Study and Church service. On the way there we were in a near head on collision. A black Jeep crossed over the line and was coming at us at a high speed, maybe 70mph. We were heading towards him at about the same speed. At the last second I swerved out of the way toward a shallow ditch and missed being hit by about an inch. The Jeep kept on driving. By God's grace we are still here and able to walk in His plans He has for us. 
We continued on to Freedom Holiness and joined them for service. Just coming out of a situation knowing it could have been my last day made the worship so sweet. He transported me right before His throne during worship. I was overwhelmed by the grace and mercy he shows us. God is so good and I am excited to walk in what He has prepared before hand. 
After service I got to meet with Pastor Bonnie. We discussed plans to start an evangelism workshop there at Freedom Holiness. I am excited to work with them on this project and will keep you posted.
Praise report: Lori was there and has been attending service for a few months now.
We had a chance to minister and pray for Steve Stevens. He is tired of the routine alcohol addiction and wants to be free. While talking with him a truck load of teens came by. They seems to be drunk. One of the girls, Stephanie, stayed for a moment and asked questions about God and the Bible. One thing that stuck in my head was that she said she remembers a time when she would stay outside waiting for Christians to come by to minister. She said she hasn't seen them for a long time and with a smile on her face but tears forming she ask "What happend? Did they give up on us?" Those words pierced me.
Lord, the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few. Send in the laborers.
Prayer requests: Pray for Stephanie, Freedom Holiness, and Steve Stevens.